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moments of resonance to keep a fire burning (2021)

creative documentary, belgium, 2021, 11 mins, digital HD,

16:9, 25fps, colour & black and white, stereo, language: french and swedish



The film invites the viewer to a sensory journey of synchronising with the rhythms of a disaster with real-time hysteria and modern surveillance technology. Whilst Brussels heals from its collective wounds of the 2016 attacks, the use of internet-sourced public CCTV footage and critical sleuthing of the data from the attacks are surveyed through the testimony of a poet in anguish and a gong master probing therapeutic application of the sound to heal trauma.


idea, edit, direction: Siddharth Govindan

voice over: Rajae Bouardi

sound: Siddharth Govindan, Balint Biro

camera and grip: Siddharth Govindan, Balint Biro, Raydrick Feliciana, Carlotta Solari, Nora Ananyan

producer: Docnomads

supervisors: Flo Flamme, Kwinten Van Laethem

post-production supervisors: Gert Van Berckelaer, Arne Winderickx

acknowledgements: Fiona Crossley, Katinka Ziesemer, Daphne Pascual, Frederik Nicolai, Stefaan Vanhyfte, Zsofia Paczolay, Daniela Silva, Hernan Baron Camacho

found footage:

This film was made as part of the Docnomads program, funded by Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency

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