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Mass Energy Exhibition & Zine, Bibliotheca Space, London, UK


The last year of our lives has been defined by social distancing and a new relationship to physical proximity as a result of the Coronavirus Global Pandemic. The social fabric of society has been dramatically altered and this is an unprecedented transformation in the modern era. I didn’t feel like enough was being done to look at the impact of this new enforced social disconnection on our lives and minds. I set about creating a brief that asked international image-makers to explore group activities, crowd behaviour and mass gatherings through the prism of the Pandemic. By collaborating through the Mass Energy project a newly established community of image-makers will be able to examine this theme and build a unique knowledge base which results in the form of the Mass Energy exhibition collection and photo zine/publication. Mass Energy Project raised £502.50 for young minds U.K.

Curator: Tommy Sussex / PDF - Interview w/ Tommy Sussex

Category: Group Exhibition

Duration: 21.05.2021 - 22.05.2021
Location: Bibliotecha Unit 6, Bellenden Road Business Park, Peckham, London SE15 4RF

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