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Kadambari (2015)

Director: Bhasmang Joshi

fiction, india, 2015, 10 mins, digital HD,

4:3, 25fps, colour, stereo, language: gujarati

request film: write to bhasmangj [at] gmail [dot] com

Black Background

Poster: Akshita Chandra



Kadambari drifts into her unconscious, lingering as a stranger to her latent anxieties that remain laced with the numbness of a riots-stricken homeland.

Official Selection:

36th Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden
12th Blow Up International Arthouse Film Festival, Chicago
10th Glasgow Short Film Festival, Scotland
29th Castellinaria International Film Festival, Bellinzona, Switzerland
22nd Caminhos Film Festival, Coimbra, Portugal
9th Cut.In Students' Film Festival, Mumbai, India

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